Day or Night, Executive & Personal, Surveillance of Hostile Parties, Child/spouse surveillance, and employee observation.
Employees, Celebrities, Athletes, Families in Residence, politicians & political candidates, and victims of domestic violence.
Missing Persons
Tracing missing persons, court witnesses, adoptees, and key persons.
Asset Research
Property Deeds & Assessments, Vehicle Registrations, Boats, Aircraft, UCC Filings, and UCC Filings.
Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, E-Mail Tracing, Asset Searches, Child Custody & Support Investigations, and Identification.
Forensic Accounting, Crime Scene Investigations, Questioned Document Examination, Suspicious & Contestable Death Claims, and Forensic Accounting.
Fugitive Recovery
Bail Arrest, Immigration Bond Arrests, Skip Tracing, Surveillance, Prisoner Transport, and Cross Border Operations.
Computer Forensics
Cell Phone & PDA Forensics, Internet Crime & Fraud Investigations, Cyber Sabotage, Cyber Stalking/Harassment, and Recovery of Deleted Data.
Risk Assessment
Protective Plan Design, Vulnerability Assessment, Existing Security Measures Evaluation, and Emergency Preparedness.
Workplace Violence
Hostile Terminations, Contract Negotiations, and Labor Disputes.
Nursing Home Investigations
Investigating abuse, over-medication, under-medication, neglect, and financial exploitation.
Electronic Sweeping / Counter Surveillance
If you are concerned that your office, residence or vehicle may have an unauthorized video camera, listening or tracking device that someone may be using to surreptitiously monitor your activities, contact Alpha Omega Investigations, Inc.