Nursing Home Investigations

Do you know the kind of care you’re aging/disabled loved ones are really receiving?

At Alpha-Omega, your Peace of Mind is Paramount! From nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, in-home paid/non-paid caregivers and group homes, our investigators have been there: watching, interviewing and noting the kinds of care being received.

If you live out of state or don’t have immediate access to your loved ones this becomes even more critical. Our Investigators are able to conduct spot checks as well as surveillance to see the kind of care your loved one is receiving or to evaluate your loved one’s living conditions and self-care if they are still on their own.

In many situation’s, a discreet surveillance system can be installed, so that you may be able to monitor your loved ones care. Investigators can also evaluate your case and provide recommendations for any further action including legal action you may want to take in the case of abuse or neglect.

Abuse, Over-medicating, Under- medicating, Neglect and Financial exploitation are just some of what your aging loved ones may be facing. Many times abuse can be physical, emotional or even sexual.

While all care facilities require staff to be trained on how to treat patients medically and emotionally, the fact is, usually your loved one is being cared for by an aid with minimal if any training in the Health Care Field Industry.

Many times staff can become frustrated because the elder individual perhaps didn’t hear or understand what was being said or did not move fast enough when instructed.

Lack of caring, the proper training and education can contribute to the neglect and in many cases lack of consequences or the involvement of law enforcement and Licensing Agencies.

Your loved ones may become easy prey for financial exploitation and even identity theft. Nursing Home clients and those with an in-home caregiver are particularly vulnerable.

Some examples we have investigated include: missing clothing and personal items particularly those of value, Jewelry, Money, Credit / Debit Cards and Checks being used fraudulently, even deeds to family homes fraudulently signed over to caregivers and the overmedicating of a nursing home resident.

When a nursing home resident is in a private room, a covert surveillance system can be installed.

Federal and State Laws have determined that the same rights are afforded to a resident in a private room in a nursing home as in their own house or apartment.

The abuse of the Elderly is an ever-increasing problem in New York State that more and more of our senior citizens can fall prey to. We believe that when our seniors reach their golden years, they need and deserve to be protected from those who would do them harm, whether it be physical abuse, Mental Abuse, Neglect, Financial Fraud or others who would take advantage of those who can no longer effectively fight for themselves.

Alpha-Omega Investigations can be there for you and your loved one.