Alpha Omega Investigations also provides forensic science to the public. We specialize in the analysis and evaluation of the processes typically found in the investigation of questionable, wrongful or criminal deaths. Alpha Omega Investigation’s clients include law enforcement agencies, coroners, medico-legal investigators, attorneys and individuals who have questioned the investigative results of the death of a loved one. Our objectives are twofold: (1) provide a medium through which all aspects of a death investigation can be evaluated in order to bring the entire case into proper focus, and (2) to provide seminars and other educational opportunities concerning the multi-faceted processes used during a death investigation.

Specifically, during the evaluation process, Alpha Omega Investigations will examine police procedures, crime scene steps utilized, evidence collection & handling procedures, crime laboratory analyses, autopsy results, statements by witnesses and suspects, and all other matters associated with the investigation. Efforts will be made to reconstruct the death case through the physical, psychological and informational aspects of the investigation.

If, during this process, new or additional forensic testing is recommended, Alpha Omega Investigations will provide the appropriate expert or arrange for one to be made available, in accordance with the expert’s fee schedule. The ultimate goal is to provide the client with the necessary information to make informed decisions about what has taken place and whether the processes and information found within the investigation are correct and that they accurately reflect the elements of the investigation.