Counter Surveillance

Alpha-Omega Investigations, Inc. utilizes the most current State of The Art Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Equipment.

If you are concerned that your office, residence or vehicle may have an unauthorized video camera, listening or tracking device that someone may be using to surreptitiously monitor your activities, contact Alpha Omega Investigations, Inc.

We utilize the ORION Non-linear Junction Evaluator. The same TSCM equipment that is used by the FBI, CIA, and other Government Entities.

The ORION can locate electronically emitting devices, whether turned on or off, hard wired devices, regardless of whether the device is radiating! ORION is the latest new age technology in Non-linear Junction Detection and evaluation for counter-surveillance applications.

Here are a few more examples why you may need an electronic sweep.

  • Disgruntled Employee / Former Employee
  • New product developments and plans. Protection of Trade secrets
  • Reorganization plans such as mergers or takeovers
  • Corporate legal problems
  • Labor union disputes and negotiating strategies
  • Protection of financial information
  • Industrial spies from other companies and/or countries
  • Internal Employees spying (Peeping Tom, sexual harassment, stalking)
  • VIP Protection (Terrorists, kidnappers, paparazzi, tabloids, etc.)