Asset Research

Alpha Omega Investigations’ asset research is our most intense research. Our senior researchers combine their talents and resources to provide you with an in-depth look at your subject’s constraining liabilities. This report is utilized by our clients, both as a means to collection and as a valuable sales tool in acquiring new accounts.

  • Research applicable on individuals and business entities
  • Confirm subject’s current location and published telephone number provide any necessary skip tracing
  • Provide identification data on subject date of birth, Social Security number, or corporate ID number and officers
  • Identify real estate holdings property descriptions, dates of purchase, market values (one country)
  • Search for current employment location of employer, occupational title, date of hire, wage information
  • Perform financial record search (permissible purposes only) collection accounts, write-off accounts, tax liens, outstanding balances
  • Identify judgments and civil records
  • Review bankruptcy court records case number and filing status
  • Research Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) available dollar amount and secured party
  • Search for active telephone number (one per state)

Asset & Liability Search

An intense financial report searching for real estate, vehicles, employment, liabilities, bankruptcies, U.C.C. filings, and corporate records. Provides overall analysis. (Please note: these searches above are for 50 states and US commonwealth.)